At Carr Drugs Compounding and Wellness, we’re proud to offer a full-service Ideal Protein Clinic. We’re more than your traditional Ideal Protein clinic, however. What sets our Gretna pharmacy apart is that all of our Ideal Protein products are available to our customers during regular store hours, with or without an appointment. While you wait to consult with our coach, Melissa Williams, you can shop around or wait in our open seating area without the typical “waiting room” atmosphere.


Throughout the challenging times of the COVID pandemic…

…some of our customers found they preferred to have a truly virtual experience.

products on table in Carr Drugs

Our goal is to safely deliver quality services to all of our Ideal Protein Clinic customers. That’s why we’ve made it possible to order Ideal Protein online! You can purchase the Ideal Protein Smart Scale that links to an app on your smartphone. Then, our Ideal Protein coach will be able to monitor your progress and coach you over FaceTime or over the phone. Any Ideal Protein products that you need to order can be pulled for you by one of our staff, charged to your credit card, and available for pick-up in our drive-thru or brought to you curbside. Plus, we can even have Ideal Protein ship the items to our customers directly — keep in mind the shipping is charged to the customer by Ideal Protein. We make it easy to be healthy while staying safe!

Ideal Protein products in Gretna Pharmacy

Carr Drugs Compounding and Wellness carries every product that Ideal Protein offers.

We believe that variety is important — everyone has different tastes, and no person should be limited to a “one-size fits all” approach.
We also do not believe in the “perfect” size.
You should be striving for your healthy weight — the weight that makes you happy and feeling good is personal, and we want to help you achieve that.

Besides Ideal Protein products, our Gretna pharmacy also offers other products to help you on your health journey. Some are food items that are “carb free” but tasty options used by our staff in their own kitchens. Others are items designed to help with preparing and bringing nutritious foods to work, school, etc.


When you’re ready, We’re here.

So, are you ready to get started? Call our pharmacy at 504-350-1640, or come in and make an appointment to see Melissa Williams! You can even call Melissa directly at 504-450-0505, or read her success story!

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