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Although our name has changed, Carr Drugs Compounding and Wellness is built from the expertise of Carr Drugs, a compounding expert in the greater New Orleans area since 1985. As a family-owned and operated local independent pharmacy, we pride ourselves on a customer-focused approach to healthcare with our personal touch. While we enjoyed many years as a retail community pharmacy, compounding has always been the area of pharmacy that sets us apart. Our goal is to meet our patients’ and prescribers’ needs by bringing you the best care at the most competitive prices, just as it has been since our first prescription years ago.

pharmacists at Carr Drugs Compounding & Wellness
Whether we're compounding for the smallest of babies in the NICU or the largest of animals at the zoo, Carr Drugs Compounding and Wellness is determined to provide customized medications to meet all patient needs.

Meet Our Staff

Randy S Carr owner and pharmacist in charge

Randy S. Carr, RPh, FACVP, FACP

Owner and Pharmacist in Charge
Alanna C Hughes owner and compounding pharmacy technician

Alanna C. Hughes

Owner and Compounding Pharmacy Technician
Stephanie Siller pharmacy technician

Stephanie Siller

Pharmacy Technician
Rose Vilcin pharmacy student and compounding specialist

Rose Vilcin

Pharmacy Student and Compounding Specialist
Shelly Jones Ideal Protein support staff

Shelly Jones

Ideal Protein Support Staff
Stacy Payne customer service representative

Stacy Payne

Customer Service Representative
Melissa Williams Ideal Protein Coach

Melissa Williams

Ideal Protein Coach

Bertrand Smith

Pharmacy Student and Compounding Specialist